Menus Online: It Isn’t (Always) Our Fault: Really!

Menus posted online are often in error… and, many times, not the fault of the restaurant!

There are several sites out there that we’ve found who have posted a “menu” in our name. When someone searches for “Rio Station menu”, it may well come up in the list. Unfortunately, they don’t maintain the menus they’ve posted without our approval!

A guest called the restaurant recently rather upset because what he ordered from an online menu wasn’t available at the price he was seeing. We can certainly understand his frustration! He searched for Rio Station. The menu said Rio Station. The items really were the same as items that we have offered. The only problem is, the information, as best we can tell, was at least four years old!

We have been able to request some to update their pages but making the changes is up to them. We would love to be able to correct every menu out there, but some of them we don’t even know about.

The only reliable source for the Rio Station menu is We try hard to maintain our page with current information so that you can place your takeout order, preview your meal before you come in or show it to friends when selecting a place to go.

We look forward to seeing you soon!