The Bus Boy Salad

BusBoySalad2It’s Wednesday Night “Date Night” at the Rio.

Along with the regular menu, specials include servings to share like our Adult Mac ‘n Cheese and The Bus Boy Salad…
(imagine the sound of screeching brakes or scratch record here..)

“Did you say ‘The Bus Boy Salad’ ?”

Yes, it seems an odd name for a dish at a restaurant, and that’s exactly the point. When assembling the new menu, Chef Richard Rutherford realized that in all his training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, as well as his experience in restaurants around the globe, there is one team member; critical to success, who never seems to get any credit: The Bus Boy.

The Bus Boy Salad includes crisp romaine and iceberg / turkey, provolone, parma ham, swiss roll-ups / black olives / hardboiled eggs / carrots / roasted reds / cherry tomatoes / croutons. All with your choice of dressing!

Stop in to give it a try… and give credit to one of the most unheralded members of the team… until now.