“Where did your ‘Early Bird’ menu go?”

“Where did your ‘Early Bird’ menu go?” guests have asked since we put out our new menu.

We understand you like the bargain. We understand that you like the smaller portion size. Many of you have told us that the regular portion size is “just too much food.” …but that all ended at 6:00. When you would arrive at 6:00 or later for dinner, we would have to tell you that Early Birds were no longer available; you were too late… Seemed a little sad and often disappointing.

After careful consideration, Chef decided to fix that.

“What if we made ‘Early Birds’ available all night long? What would happen if we didn’t tell people when they had to have dinner? What if we gave THEM the choice?”, Chef asked.

That’s when he decided to introduce our “Signature Small Plates.” The same great food, with a little smaller portion, at a lower price… only, this time, available all night long. No time restrictions, served every night from 4:00 until we stop serving dinner.

“Signature Small Plates”:  “Early Bird” only better!