“Who is KC?”


In several places on or menu and throughout the Rio, we refer to “KC”.

“Just who is KC?”, you ask?

Miss Kasorn Carter, that’s who!

Kasorn has been an important member of the Rio Station team for over 28 years! If you have ever enjoyed our World Famous Crab Cakes then you have sampled some of her excellent cooking. She has made nearly every crab cake that has been served at our restaurant since it opened. She also makes all of our delicious soups. Prime Rib, French Onion & New England Clam Chowder are some of the local favorites.

Kasorn came from Thailand in 1975 with her baby daughter to join her husband who was serving in the Air Force. We sure are happy that she settled in Rio Grande & became a part of the Rio Station family.

Thank you, KC.