Are you a wine expert?

Sommelier: a trained and knowledgeable wine professional who specializes in all aspects of wine.

Why do we worry about fancy “wine titles”? Yes, it is great to be trained to be an expert in your field. Yes, we should certainly have respect for, and even learn from those who are in the know, but sometimes in the wine world it seems like there is a daunting task to overcome before we can simply sit down and enjoy a glass of wine.


Master Sommelier (one of fewer than 200 in the world) Richard Betts declares boldly, “Wine is a grocery, not a luxury.” In his easy-to-read scratch and sniff book (yes, it really is a scratch and sniff book…) The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert, Betts takes us through the basics of wines, grapes, flavors, smells and how they become part of your wine. All of this information simply makes it easier to decide what wine to choose.

So what wine should you drink? Who decides what is good and what isn’t?

Well, who decides what soda you should drink, how you should fix your coffee, or what hamburger you should have?

The answer is the same: You do!

Wines are so varied! There is a whole world to explore! Some are sweet and fruity, some are not-so-much; more commonly referred to as “dry”.

THE TECHNICAL NOTE: A dry wine is simply a wine that has no residual sugar, meaning it isn’t sweet. When grape juice converts to wine, alcohol is produced in the fermentation process because yeast eats the sugar present in the juice.

Regardless of all the technical jargon, the important thing is to try new and drink what you enjoy! 


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