Ham for Christmas! Now What?!

Christmas is just days away! Your family tradition is to serve turkey at Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas. No problem… except for the wine! What do you serve with ham?

Around Thanksgiving, we sat down with sommelier Ric Rutherford to get his take on wine for your turkey feast. You can review his suggestions for turkey here.

As we were preparing for Christmas, however, we realized that a lot of people choose ham for their Christmas dinner, so we sat down with him once again and asked his advice.meiomi-sm

“Ham has stronger flavors than turkey,” he began. “You need to select wines that can stand up to that. A safe bet is always Pinot Noir.”

Two other possible suggestions include a Riesling, as long as it isn’t too sweet, and for those who prefer bolder wines, a Petit Syrah could work well.

As always, most importantly, drink what you like!

Stop in to the Wine Shop to make your selections. If you have questions about wine or need help with your wine selections, email Ric at