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This offer is exciting because it is for 3 flavors-
Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.
And, while usually we write about lesser known wines,
this one is well known and respected.

Last month, our Chateau Ste Michelle rep was out in Washington State visiting the winery.

She called me and told me that during her tour she found out that the inside scoop was that 2013 may be the greatest in the history of the winery. When she returned, I asked for samples of the reds (we already were pouring the Chard) and I took them over to Bill’s house, one of our best palate wine tasters. Here’s what we came up with:

2013 Merlot – Solid, clean, would benefit from some bottle age (like a year in the bottle or maybe opened and decanted for 4 hours) full flavored, good berry fruit, good concentration.

2013 Chardonnay – Lush, tropical, dense, clean from start to finish, pretty aroma.
Note- Our restaurant has been pouring this wine for 4 months by the glass. It knocked KJ out of the program in a blind taste test with six tasters. At $3-5 less per bottle than KJ, it is an amazing deal.

2013 Cabernet – A quaffer! Clean, smooth from start to finish, perfect character, exactly what anyone would want from Cabernet. Absolutely the best Ste Michelle Cabernet I have had in 10 years and although the Chardonnay is stunning, this Cab is the pick of the litter.

Full case prices you may mix & match – (like all Merlot, 1/2 Cab 1/2 Chard, etc)
Chardonnay $10.00
Merlot $13.79
Cabernet $13.79

The reds have not yet been rated by the Wine Spectator. When the reviews come out and are the high scores I anticipate, these wines will be in immediate short supply, so order plenty if you like these types of wines.

My friend, Bill after tasting the Cab, ordered 5 cases and 2 Chardonnays. Yes, it’s that amazing for the buck.

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If you don’t see something here that you like, please ask. I look forward to hearing from you!