Nero D’Avola: A Sicilian Surprise

True confession: This writer is not always the biggest fan of Old World reds; favoring the more fruit forward New World wines.

When Sommelier Richard Rutherford introduced me to Nero D’Avola, he assured me that this was something different. How right he was!nero-davola

The black (nero) grape from Sicily produced a wine that I would describe as “drinking backwards.” When many European wines seem come in flavorful and finish with the drying tannins, for me, Nero D’Avola started out a little dry and came around with a wonderful mouthful of fruit at the end.

Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider from describes it this way:

“Sicilian reds, in general, are an awesome group of wines for people who love New World stuff but have interest in easing into the gems of the Old World.”

One of the best, and somewhat surprising, things about this wine is it’s price! At the time of this writing, Nero D’Avola is just $9.99 in the Rio Station Wine Shop. At this price, it won’t last long.