Preparing for Wine Spectator

It was that time of the year: Time to submit our Wine List for review by Wine Spectator. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but at the Rio, we take this VERY seriously. For 5 years in a row, we have been awarded Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for our extensive wine menu. Enjoying that honor for a 6th consecutive year would be sweet indeed!

Throughout the past year, Ric Rutherford has traveled, researched, studied and sampled some of the best wines the world has to offer. Shipments, bottles and samples arrived to be added to the wine storage. Shelves were modified, the temperature of the room kept right where it should be all year round to maintain his selections. Some of them are not yet ready, some of them are now perfect for sipping; the latter moved to the front to be released to our guests.

The stage was set and the task of compiling the choices began. This one? Not perfect, yet. How about this one? Ahhh, just right. One by one, bottle by bottle, choice by choice the Wine List was masterfully created, typed, proof-read, corrected and then reviewed again; not just for typing and presentation, but a final review to be certain that each selection was just right.

With the deadline for submission upon us, finally, now complete, it is sent off and the waiting begins… We won’t be able to make an announcement until August… 8 long months away, but we are certainly hopeful!

As we reflect on the experience, while winning awards is nice, we realize that the real satisfaction is in finding the best wines in the world for you, our guests.

We truly do hope you enjoy them.

See our new Wine List here:

Wine List

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