RESULTS ARE IN: Wine Spectator 2015

We are pleased to announce that, one again, we have been given the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator for our spectacular Wine List!

It was back in February of this year that we posted the story of how we were preparing the submission of our Wine List to Wine Spectator for consideration of a sixth consecutive Award of Excellence. We told you that we had to wait until August before we could announce the results. It was a long wait, but so worth it!


After months… no, years… of traveling the globe… studying… researching… and yes, tasting, sommelier Ric Rutherford has collected many of the best best wines he could find. The best part is that these choice selections are available to you at your table or in the Wine Shop!

Check out the award winning list here! Wine List

If you want help making your best selections or for special case pricing, email Ric directly at He’ll be glad to help!

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