Wine Goes With Food

We often hear about pairing wine with food.  “I don’t understand.” “I’m confused.” “Who cares?” or “What difference does it make?” “I have tried wine and I just don’t like it!”

All of these thoughts and questions are valid. Sometimes we make something relatively easy more complicated than it needs to be.

When you were a kid, Peanut Butter and Jelly with a nice cold glass of milk worked great! Change that to orange juice and maybe you didn’t like it so much. That same orange juice with bacon and eggs tastes pretty good. Serve up those pancakes with syrup and that juice will make your mouth pucker! Wine is no different. Different wines taste better with different foods. Most importantly, though: Drink what you like!
To help you better understand and make appropriate choices, below, we have listed items from our menu and suggested the kind of wine that might go well with it. You can use this as a guide, not only for items from our menu, but for your purchases for home from our package goods store.

Filet Mignon Merlot or a soft Cabernet
Steak Gorman Cabernet or Syrah
Steak 3505 Cab / Syrah (Shiraz)
Prime Rib Pinot Noir / Merlot
Grilled Chicken Breast Grenache/ Sauvignon Blanc/ Albarino
BBQ Ribs Grenache or anything Spanish/ Syrah /Zin
Pork Chop Grenache or anything Spanish/ Syrah
BBQ Pit Grenache or anything Spanish/ Syrah /Zin
KC’s Crab Cakes Chardonnay
Crab Au Gratin Chardonnay
Mandarin Salmon Pinot Noir / Zin Blend
Scallops Chardonnay / Albarino
Under the Sea Chardonnay (lighter)
Daily Catch Sauvignon Blanc / Albarino / Pinot Grigio
Fried Flounder Any white
Fried Shrimp Any white
Shrimp & Crab Cake Chardonnay
Local Sea Scallops Pinot Grigio/ Chardonnay / Albarino
Seafood Bounty Pinot Grigio/ Chardonnay / Albarino
Fish ‘N Chips Any white
Flounder Francaise Chardonnay
Shellfish Saute Pinot Grigio/ Albarino
Seafood Fra Diablo Spanish Grenache/ Monastrell or Italian
Chicken Godfather Spanish Grenache/ Monastrell or Italian
Chicken Francaise Chardonnay
Chicken Neptune Chardonnay or possibly light red
Ellie’s Option Any White or light red
Adult Mac ‘n Cheese Chardonnay
Cheesecake Dessert wine
Carrot Cake Coffee
Bread Pudding Spiced Rum
Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet
Apple Pie Bailey’s
Chocolate Mousse Cabernet


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